Who cares about modern browsers? (via Kartik Sehgal’s Blog)

Firefox recently took IE9 and its modern browser claims head on in an article, "Is IE9 a modern browser?". Microsoft then retorted with "A Modern Browser". The only point the two have proven is eloquence of words. In reality Google's chrome is the one proving the technical point. Take for instance that Firefox's much touted version 4 is still not out. Their adoption rate for new versions is next only to IE. Firefox 3.6 has the majority, but there … Read More

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Classes, Inheritance in JavaScript (via Abhishek Gupta)

Classes In Javascript In JavaScript there are no classes but Functions can be used to somewhat simulate classes. Everything is an object in JavaScript so Inheritance in JavaScript means objects inherit from objects, not classes from. Ways to Implement Classes in JavaScript: We can define a normal JavaScript function and then create an object by using the new keyword. To define properties and methods use the this keyword. Example 1:- <script ty … Read More

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Using Visual SourceSafe – VSS in Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 (via adarshvishnoi)

Using Visual SourceSafe – VSS in Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 Using Visual SourceSafe – VSS in Visual Studio 2005 & 2008 Topics covering Choosing SourceSafe as the SCC Provider in Visual Studio Adding Solution into Source Control of SourceSafe Performing SourceSafe Operations in Visual Studio Changing Source Control Binding Pending Check-ins Window Viewing Source Control Message Visual SourceSafe can be integrated into Visual Studio to source control solution files, project files and application configu … Read More

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Handling null values in DataTable’s DateTime columns using “SqlDateTime” Type (via Ilyas Ahmad’s blog)

One the most important aspects of writing this article to share knowledge and making open and easily available so that other can be utilized. Problem While working in one of our project we came across a problem. Database tables contains null data in date and time columns In a C# code a “DataTable” is prepared to retrieve data from Database using ADO.net If In database query Date type column is null then c# “DataTable’s” DateTime” type column hold … Read More

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Namespacing events in jquery (via Kingshuk20’s Blog)

Events can be namespaced in jquery so that triggering and unbinding them can done in an easier manner.  Generally , if we bind an event handler to a specific event  , we would do it as under:- $(selector).bind("click", eventHandler); In this case , if we unbind the click event using $(selector).unbind("click"), the particular event would be unbound from all controls having the particular selector. However, if we use namespace while binding events … Read More

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Content Deployement with Share Point 2010 (via Bhargava’s Blog)

Content Deployement with Share Point 2010 Table of Content Introduction Procedure References Introduction I have recently gone through the prevailing requirement of updating public site contents, although this feature is provided by all content management systems. But with Share Point we can, not only, change the contents but also allowed to manage the content controls as well as whole site-collections. Procedure This post will help you in publishing your site contents from one web appli … Read More

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iRise Prototyping Tool (via iRise Prototyping Tool)

Table Of Content Introduction Description Conclusion Introduction iRise, a vastly growing wireframe tool that has very well stabilized its position among all the available prototyping tools in the market. With its diversified approach, in terms of functionality, it is gaining a lot of importance these days, as today; it is just a matter of hours to develop complex prototypes. Now with the help of iRise, it is no more a wonder to create prototypes … Read More

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